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My name is Dairrell Ham and I earn my income working from my home creating my own publications and services.

I help people to create their own online businesses, income streams and turn their passions into profit with part-time or full-time businesses.

Over the last 11 years, I've built hundreds of blogs for my customers and for the customers of a well-known online marketer.

That means I've had the opportunity to research thousands of marketing tools for my customers and for myself.

So I've been keeping a private directory of links to the best marketing tools for myself and I'm constantly updating it with new ones and replacing outdated ones.

My collection of online marketing tools should be shared with the world and that's why I decided to finally organize what I have into this massive, one-stop resource for Internet marketing tools.

You can help me help others to choose the right marketing tools and earn a healthy commission for doing so.

And it all starts with one simple free report featuring over 180 pages of the best of everything for your online business.

So in short, here's what's in it for YOU:

You Simply Tell People About My Free Report.

I Do All The Selling

You Bank The Commissions

There's more...

1. It will cost you NOTHING to join

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My flagship product is the Platinum Edition of iMarketing Tools. It's customized with up to 40 ways to make money with affiliate links or your own product links. It sells for $97 and you'll earn 50% of each referral that results in a sale.

I also have a Silver Edition that sells for $27. You'll also automatically be approved to sell that product as well and earn 50% commissions.

I plan to have more products available in the near future that utilize my unique Point 'n Click system, and you'll be automatically approved to promote those products as well.

That means you'll also earn 50% commissions on everything else I introduce into my email marketing strategy in the future.

Your commissions are paid like clockwork directly to your Paypal account 30 days after the sale that earns your commission is made.

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I provide help and support to help you generate as much 'hands-free' income as possible as an affiliate of mine. You're not just another number - you become a member of my team and as such you're treated like a family member.

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