Best Mac Desktop Video Screen Recorders

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Need to create video tutorials to teach others how to use software? Or perhaps you need to communicate a computer problem you’re experiencing? Screen recording software is one of the most effective ways of presenting this information. Here are my picks for the 3 best video screen recorders for the Mac. My favorite is Screenflow, though I have used Camtasia as well.


Video Screen Recording and Editing for Mac Users

From home movies to professional video, ScreenFlow has you covered. A tool that helps marketers create and edit polished-looking videos to help sell your products or company.

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Video Screen Recording and Editing App

Choose the capture area and adjust the recording settings. Start your video capture on Mac by hitting the REC button. Use the simple editing tools to make your recording perfect. Save the file in HD on your MacBook or other Mac computer.

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Screen Recorder and Video Editor

Record anything on your computer screen–websites, software, video calls, or PowerPoint presentations. Then, drag and drop text, transitions, effects, and more in the built-in video editor.

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