Step 2: Let's Get Started on Your New Blog!

Step 1 was to choose your new domain name and get your web hosting set up. I'll need that in place before I can work on your blog. If you haven't done that, please go here to complete that step.

Ok. Now it's time to really get going on getting your new blog created. The first thing I need is for you to fill out the form below. Don't worry... if you're not ready to answer all the questions, that's ok! Go ahead and take a look at what I need from you below, and if you need to take some time to think things over, that's cool. No worries at all. Just come back when it's convenient for you and when you're ready, fill it out and send it over to me.

You'll also be receiving an email from me that has the link to this page, so be sure to keep that in a safe place.

I've tried to keep things as simple as possible. The form is not very long and once I have the info in hand, I can get started on your blog. Contact Me if you have any questions.


Dairrell Ham

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