DFY Form

Done-For-You Blog Setup Form

I will need this before I can do anything on your blog. You will receive an email from your hosting company with the cPanel/FTP information that you will need to forward to me at support@imarketing.tools. Once I have that, I can begin on your project.

(Example: http://yoursite.com) This is the domain/url to your new blog that you chose in Step 1)

Please provide a brief description of what your blog will be about. This helps me in creating a logo and choosing colors if you need me to.

Choose the main design that you want. There's no right or wrong choice. Just choose the style that suits you best. You can choose your colors in the next section below. If you need to see the choices again, go to the main sales page HERE to view the demos again. That link will open in a new window so that this form will still be available when you're done viewing the demos.

You can provide the names of colors (red, blue, green, etc) Or if you have it, you can enter the hex code(s). Or, if you have a link or links to examples of colors you like, please provide the URL in the space above. If you don't have a particular color in mind, just let me know that you want me to choose one, or that you just prefer the color of the demo layout you chose.

This determines how your blog posts will be presented in the main style you chose above. You can choose from the following blog post layouts in EACH of the 7 designs: Click Here for the default example with a top area for a button, subscribe form or call to action, with some blog posts below it. | Click Here for the layout with a large featured image, a more traditional-style blog post layout. | Click Here for the small featured image version. | Click Here for the grid layout with posts in columns. | Click Here for the magazine style layout. (These links open in a new window. This form will still be here when you close that window.)

If I create your logo, three revisions are provided as part of your Fast Start Blog package. Beyond that, I would need to charge an additional fee.

If you do not currently have an autoresponder/list-building service right now, that's ok. You can contact me later and I'll add that on for you when you're ready. If you do have an autoresponder service, I will let you know what information I need depending on the service that you have.

This is another item that is not necessary if you don't have any accounts right now. You can always contact me later and I'll add some Follow Me buttons to your blog's sidebar. By default, I do include social media sharing buttons that do not require you to have those accounts of your own. Those buttons will sit on the left side of your blog pages and allows others to share your site with their friends and family. I will need the full URL of each one as the service provides that to you.

For this, I only need the actual link to your public social media page, NOT the login to your social media accounts. An example would be: https://twitter.com/yourtwittername. One link per line, please.

Don't worry too much about this right now. I can configure your website to backup to your server for now, and my hosting company also provides regular, automated backups of your entire server.

This is the "bucket" where you want your files for this blog stored. If you already have one set up, I'll need the name of the bucket. If you want me to create a new one for this site, please provide a name for the bucket where you want the files stored. Buckets are stored like this: s3://bucket-name
Your Done-For-Your Blog package includes an About page, Contact page (with contact form), Privacy page, Disclaimer page and an Anti-Spam policy page. You can have me add up to three other pages to your blog.
I'll need this for the video content from the experts in your niche. You can provide one category per expert. Example, if your niche is Dog Training, you could provide an expert who specializes in dog training for german shepherds. So the category could be Dog Training for German Shepherds.
This is so I can start adding content to your site right away. This is for video content only, from YouTube. Just provide me with the names of the expert(s) and a link to one of their videos. You'll still be able to add regular written content to your blog as well. This service adds video content to your site automatically without you having to do it yourself.

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