I'll add 125 video posts to your blog THIS WEEK and 10 every week for a YEAR. That's over 645 video posts in a year!

Why You Need Video Content on Your Site:

Video content offers high perceived value and people love watching videos!

The average person will spend over 100 minutes a day watching online videos

Use the power of curated videos from experts to create authority on your own site

Show ads for related products under each video and earn affiliate commissions

Hi. My name is Dairrell Ham and I've created hundreds of blogs for customers over the years.

Know what the biggest problem most of those blogs have?

Most people would probably say that getting traffic is the biggest issue. But focusing on traffic won't do you much good if there's little or no quality content that will keep your visitors coming back!

Creating or curating high-quality content for your visitors is the biggest challenge most blog owners face. And producing enough content for your visitors is necessary to get the attention of Google so they'll reward you with traffic. See how that works?

And now it's an even bigger challenge to produce high-quality content since the majority of people want video content.

But what if you don't know how to create video content? Or what if you just don't want to? And even if you could create video content, could you create enough to keep your visitors coming back for more?

I have a new video content creation solution for you that won't involve you having to do a thing. It's completely hands-off for you and I'll handle everything for you!

It's my Done-For-You Video Blog Posts service that harnesses the power of OPE. OPE is "Other People's Efforts", and it's not only legal and ethical but encouraged as well!

I combine of the power of curation, OPE, and specialized software to fill your blog with video content from experts in your field of interest. It's a win-win formula that provides you with the high-quality, expert content that you need while offering those experts more visibility.

Think of it as co-labeling where you provide a platform for expert information produced by others, but organized and displayed on YOUR blog.

Don't worry. You're not pretending to be the creator of the video content. Web visitors are savvy and are exposed daily to curation of information from other sources. And visitors to your site will be glad that you're displaying the information that they're looking for.

Sound good so far?

Ok, but you might ask, how do you monetize the curated content that's produced by others?

That's the easy... and FUN part of this service!

Not only do you get the benefit of having someone else produce the content that your visitors are looking for, but you also can take advantage of earning passive income from PRODUCTS and SERVICES produced by others!

That's right! I've made it easy for you to add your own promotions to products and services produced by others that can earn you commissions. Your links and promotions will show up under the videos and when someone clicks on those to buy the product or service, you earn a commission!

It's called Affiliate Marketing, and it's one of the easiest ways to earn passive income online. You simply promote products related to your niche and let the expert video posts help sell the products for you!

Or, if you have your own products, promote them as well!

Either way, I wanted this to be incredibly easy for anyone to do.

That's why I've done all the work in advance to create a system that runs like clockwork every day of the week doing all of the heavy lifting for you.

All you have to do is add your promotions (I show you how!) and the rest is taken care of for you. It's only a few minutes of your time to add your promotional text or image and you're done!

Video post curation is the fastest and easiest way for you to get the content you need while offering a powerful way for you to earn income from the efforts of many others.

My Done-For-You Video Blog Post service offers more than just the video post itself. You also get all of the following with each video post:

  • The original thumbnail featured image for the video. Video content creators spend a lot of time creating eye-catching thumbnails that will get your visitor's attention and that will be added automatically so that you don't have to do it yourself.
  • You get all of the comments from YouTube that came with the post, so Google will see the comments on YOUR blog. And when you reply to the comments, the replies only show up on YOUR blog, not YouTube.
  • You can create your own categories to organize the content as you like. (I'll help you with this if you're not sure about choosing categories.)
  • Your name will show up on each video post, just like it does on any of your other posts. You are not saying that you're the creator of the video, just the curator of the blog.
  • All of the original links from the post description are removed so that visitors stay on YOUR site. Only your own links are visible on the post.
  • Easily show your own ads and promotions beneath the videos to earn affiliate commissions. I've made that very easy for you to do.
  • You can still add your own posts, written or otherwise, to your blog.

Most people struggle to produce content, especially high-quality video content. Why not let me do it for you?

The bottom line is, I have the system in place and can do it faster than you can do it yourself. Let me do it and you’ll be up and running without all of the headaches of producing content while getting the benefit of earning passive income from the efforts of other people!

Here's everything that's included in my
DONE-FOR-YOU Video Blog Post Package:

  • UP TO 10 NEW VIDEO BLOG POSTS ADDED EVERY WEEK FOR ONE FULL YEAR! That's as many as 520 more new video blog posts added to your blog in one year!($$5,200 value)
  • CHOOSE THE TOP THREE EXPERTS IN YOUR NICHE. I'll do the work and research of adding at least three of the top experts on your niche ($399 value)
  • MULTIPLE PASSIVE INCOME OPPORTUNITIES IN A VARIETY OF CATEGORIES THAT YOU CHOOSE. I'll set up the categories for your niche that include passive income and affiliate income opportunities. Or, I can suggest those for you if you're unsure what works best in your niche.(Unlimited value!)
  • STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTION GUIDE FOR ADDING YOUR AFFILIATE PROMOTIONS. Every video post offers you an opportunity to promote affiliate products and services of your choice. I'll show you how to use the easy point-n-click way of adding your affiliate links and images.($150 value)
  • 50-POINT SEO AUDIT VIDEO COURSE. This is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) video course that teaches you how to improve your ranking on Google. My Done-For-You Video Posts service provides the video content for your blog, and this course is a perfect compliment to that to help you improve traffic to your site. ($147 value)
  • AFFILIATE MARKETING BASICS VIDEO COURSE. You’ll discover what the super affiliates do differently with their blogs that makes them super profitable. You'll also learn what tactics to avoid and which to copy for success. ($147 Value)
Retail Value: $7168
My Price: $297

YOU SAVE $6867!

And I do ALL the work!

I do it all for you. This is a DONE-FOR-YOU service. You sit back while I do all the technical and creative work to set up the video blog posting system.

So if you're ready to get started, and you want your blog filled with expertly produced video blog posts IMMEDIATELY, as well as new video blog posts every week for ONE FULL YEAR, let me do it for you.

I only take on a small number of clients at a time to insure you get my full attention until your setup is completed. So act now while I have openings. (If my schedule is full, you'll see a page with a form for a waiting list when you click the order button below.)

Got questions? Send me a quick email to this address:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Every time someone uploads a video to YouTube, they know that the video can be embedded on another site (unless they specifically block embedding).

When a video is embedded on a site, this means more exposure for the original creator of the video. YouTubers WANT their videos shared and embedded.

You are a curator of information and you're simply providing your visitors with useful information from another content provider who has made their video available publicly for use. Otherwise, the "Share" option would not be available or encouraged. 🙂

No way! That's what my service does for you. I'll do the initial setup and get the first batch of videos displaying on your site, then I'll do some magic on your WordPress site and on your server to make the videos appear automatically on a regular basis. You'll be getting fresh video content without having to lift a finger. 🙂

I'll do the initial setup for you with the ads that you provide me. But you can easily change and edit the ads whenever you like. Your package includes a PDF guide with instructions on how to add or edit affiliate ads and other passive income-generating promotions that you control.

That's up to you, but you can display banner ads, text ads, image ads, etc. All you need is the ad code and know where to place it. I show you how to do that in the included PDF instruction guide that you can download after purchase. 

If you're not familiar with HTML ad code, or how to display ads on a website, I provide a quick overview of how to do that. It's easier than you think, and my included examples will get you started quickly.

No problem. I can disable all comments in the setup phase for you. But you can also do this yourself with the instructions I'll be providing to you. Disabling the comments will affect all of the videos produced by my plugin, but will NOT affect your comments settings for the rest of your blog.

No problem. I can set it up so that only the video displays and not the description. And, this can be done on a per channel/category basis. Of course, your ads will still appear under the videos if you choose that option. So you can have it YOUR way. 🙂

Absolutely. Nothing will change in the normal operation of your WordPress backend. My Done-For-You Video Blog Posts will be just like any other WordPress posts, except they are handled differently and automatically for you!

Yes. Once the video posts are added, it's just like any other WordPress post. You can edit it however you like.

I incur immediate costs that I cannot recover when I install and configure the software on your website. Licensing and other fees are activated at that moment, so I do not offer a refund once the order has been placed. I do, however, work hard to make sure you are satisfied 100% with your hundreds of new blog posts that are added immediately and that the software is adding new posts every week for a year. 🙂


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