Discover how to Build Your List
and Generate Passive Income
by simply giving away
The iMarketing Toolbox
FREE to others!

Building a mailing list and generating passive income is easier when you start with a free offer that delivers on value and usefulness. 🙂

This is one of those rare lead magnets that have mass appeal… EVERY website owner needs tools and resources, but finding the right ones for their business can be overwhelming! You can help them solve their problem and earn passive income while doing it!

Hi! My name is Dairrell Ham and I'm the creator of The iMarketing Toolbox.

The iMarketingToolbox is a FREE, massive directory of online marketing resources that saves you time and money and helps you to make better decisions about the tools and resources you need for your online business.

People love curated resources, especially ones that narrow down tools and resources to the 3 Best in every section of online marketing tools. All the work of combing through thousands of resources to find the best has been done for you and then they're all conveniently organized in categories and subsections to make it easier for you to find exactly what you're looking for.

What if you could offer this exact same directory to your visitors, subscribers, members, and customers, for FREE?

And what if you could earn passive income from hundreds of affiliate opportunities, as well as earn income from promoting your own products from within the Toolbox?

You can! (More info on that below.)


You’ll be building goodwill, establishing a relationship, and earning the trust of people who download your free directory.

They get a powerful resource that’s actually useful and you get a happy subscriber that will be more open to receiving information and offers from you in the future.

EVERY Website Owner Needs Tools and Resources to Run Their Online Business!

To build a list, you need a lead magnet that gets attention and has high perceived value.

The iMarketing Toolbox checks those boxes by offering visitors a 200+ page directory of curated and categorized tools for doing business online.

It's a resource that every online business owner finds useful and worth the exchange of their email address for.

Think about it.

How did you feel when you downloaded my Toolbox and saw the massive table of contents, the category-organized sections, the helpful descriptions of products, and the sheer number of resources I had listed?

Isn’t that the kind of lead magnet that you keep on your desktop and really use?

So will your subscribers!

AND… you’ll be able to keep their interest down the road when you send them an UPDATED version of the Toolbox periodically! (More on that in a minute.)

The iMarketing Toolbox is a win-win for you and your subscribers.

You get an easy way to build your list while earning passive income, and your subscriber gets a valuable resource and a way to earn passive income for themselves as well!

Get Your Own Customized,
Passive Income Version of the Toolbox

I wanted everyone to have the Toolbox free of charge to help them cut through the confusing choices of so many tools that are available for their online business.

But I also wanted a way for people like you to help me get the Toolbox into as many hands as possible for free, while still finding a way for you to earn money doing so.

That's why I'm offering two versions of the Toolbox: A Co-Branded giveaway version, and a PLR giveaway version.

Read on to see which version suits you and your budget best:


Option One: Silver Edition License


How would you like to earn passive income while building your own mailing list by giving away The iMarketing Toolbox?

In just a few minutes from now, you can have a customized copy of The iMarketing Toolbox that's co-branded with your business or personal name and your website URL. It will also have your affiliate URL for earning commissions for the Co-Branded and PLR editions of The iMarketing Toolbox. Your website visitors will get a valuable resource directory and you'll earn 50% commissions on the two custom editions of the Toolbox.

It's easy! After your purchase of the Co-Branded license, I'll send you the link to quickly sign up for my affiliate program. (Don't worry, you'll be approved!) Then, go to my 1-minute Point 'N Click software to instantly personalize and download your PDF copy of The iMarketing Toolbox with your information added. Next, just start giving it away on your website, social media, or via your newsletter. Whenever someone purchases a version of the Co-Branded or PLR version of the Toolbox, you earn 50% commissions! (See FAQ below for more information.)

Click the button below to get your Co-Branded Silver Edition of the Toolbox now.



Would you like hundreds of ways to earn passive income by giving away The iMarketing Toolbox? The PLR edition gives you access to the original Word Doc version so that you can make any changes/additions as you please. You can change the name and style of the Toolbox and put your name on it as the author. Or, you can leave the name and style of the Toolbox as is, but add your own products to promote, as well as your own affiliate links.

This version of the Toolbox does not contain any of my tracking or affiliate links. The only links in this version are direct links to each of the resource websites.  You can cloak your affiliate links using tracking software that I'll show you how to use with the instructions I provide to you. (There are solutions for WordPress and non-WordPress websites.)

This PLR edition allows you to earn additional passive income streams in the following areas that draw focus to specific products and promotions:

Affiliate Commissions for
4 “Sponsored in Part By” Ads

Your prospect has just downloaded a massive 200+ pages of curated online marketing tools and resources, so you know they’re interested in tools and resources for their online business. At the beginning of the Toolbox, they’ll see ads for 4 products or services that are “sponsoring” your Toolbox. These ads are enhanced, eye-catching designs that you can easily add your own products or affiliate promotions.

You can choose up to 4 products/services to “sponsor” your Toolbox. That means you have chosen 4 resources to highlight at the beginning of your Toolbox and you get paid if someone buys the product from your affiliate link. Just enter your information in the spaces provided and add your link.

Affiliate Commissions for 24 Featured Tool Sections

The Toolbox is neatly organized into 24 main marketing categories to make it easier for users to find the tools they need. At the start of each category section, you'll find a "Featured Tool" section that stands out from the rest of the copy on the page, highlighting a tool of your choice with your affiliate link. That's an additional 24 opportunities for you to earn affiliate commissions for the tools of your choice. Just enter the name of the tool, your affiliate link, and a short call-to-action. Or just use the ones that are already provided by editing the affiliate link and adding your own.

Earn 50% Commissions on Sales of the Co-Branded and PLR Editions of The iMarketing Toolbox

An optional way to earn additional passive income is to promote the two versions of this Toolbox inside the directory. Your PLR version will already have a promotional page built-in so that you can add your Toolbox affiliate links. You don't have to promote the Toolbox and you can easily remove the promotional graphic, but the extra passive income source is available if you want to use it.

Add Your Own Products and Service Promotions Anywhere You Like Inside the Toolbox

If you have your own products and services you'd like to promote, just add them anywhere in the Toolbox you like. Add your promotions in text format, or create graphics that link to your sales page or directly to your order form.

PLUS... there are hundreds of opportunities for you to add your own affiliate links in the resource listings in the Toolbox!

It's your choice whether you add/change in of the listed tools in the Toolbox. You can do that easily by editing the Word Doc. Or you can simply choose to use the tools that are already listed for you for a quick turn-around to get the Toolbox working for you to build your list and earn passive income!

One more thing... You'll Get Updated Versions of The iMarketing Toolbox at No Extra Charge!

Surprise your list members and build goodwill by giving your list members an updated version of the Toolbox. It's a great way to reconnect with your list and an awesome way to earn additional passive income with a fresh copy of the Toolbox. The Toolbox is updated about every 4 months and you'll get a copy emailed directly to you when it's available.


Ready to Start Earning Passive Income and Grow Your List With Your Own Customized Editions of
The iMarketing Toolbox?

I've done all the hard work for you! I'm handing you a way to grow your list, earn passive income, and build goodwill with your customers.

Plus, you'll be getting an UPDATED version of the Toolbox periodically that gives you another opportunity to reconnect with your mailing list and remind them of the various affiliate opportunities inside your customized version of the directory.

Ready to start?

All the best,

PS: Why waste your time trying to create an attention-getting lead magnet when I've already done that for you? You're getting one that has mass appeal, has high perceived value, and over-delivers on quality. PLUS, you're getting dozens of ways to generate passive income AND build goodwill with your audience. What could be better?

*NOTE: Due to the nature of this customized digital download, all sales are final, no returns or exchanges* - However, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your order.

Frequently Asked Questions:

No. This is an entry-level version of the Toolbox that gives you a powerful lead magnet to give away to build your list AND provides a way for you to earn passive income when others purchase a Silver or Platinum Edition license from your giveaway lead magnet. (The Silver Edition includes a promotional page for the two editions of the Toolbox, and you'll be using my Point 'N Click software to automatically add your affiliate link to that page.)

People love curated resource lists, so you'll be handing them a useful reference tool. They get a gift that has huge perceived value, establishing goodwill for you and your business. They'll remember that you gave them a valued gift in exchange for their email. They win, you win.

The Silver Edition does not have my name, business name, or website URL listed. Your name and website URL will be added via my Point 'N Click software. My tracking URLs are retained to gather statistics on the most popular clicked-on resources. I'll share those statistics with you so you'll have an idea of the best resources to promote on your own website and in your email newsletter.

The Silver Version is designed for marketers who want a powerful lead magnet to give away and want to be up and running quickly. Once you purchase this version, it's a quick two-step process:

  1. Register for my affiliate program.
  2. Go to my special software page, fill in 4 fields, click the "Go" button and you'll instantly have a ready-to-go PDF copy of The iMarketing Toolbox that's customized with YOUR information.

Then just start giving it away to build your own list and earn passive income from affiliate commissions for the two versions of the Toolbox.

Yes. This is a fully editable Word Doc that you can edit as you please. Keep in mind that it's a lot of work searching for excellent resources that you can recommend to others. That work has already been done for you with evergreen resources that are included in your edition of the Toolbox. But you are welcome to add your own and remove any of the default ones if you choose to do so.

Be careful... you can spend a lot of time on editing when you really should be promoting the lead magnet and earning passive income as quickly as possible. Believe me I know... it can become addictive finding new resources to add to the Toolbox. 🙂

No. The links in the Platinum Edition are direct links to the website of the listed companies. The Platinum Edition provides you with 28 focused areas that can feature your affiliate links and descriptions for the products you want to promote. There are also hundreds of other links where you can add your own affiliate links, should you choose to do so.

My name and website link also does not appear anywhere in the Platinum Edition. It's a fully editable Word Doc that you can change and edit as you please.

No. The one I use for a lead magnet on my website is designed with my brand colors. The one you'll be receiving has a black and gold color scheme that blends nicely with just about any website color scheme. The interior content of the licensed version is also a bit different from my own branded version, with colors that go with the black and gold design.

You're welcome to change the color scheme of your licensed Platinum Edition as you please. The Platinum Edition license also allows you to change the name of the product or leave it as The iMarketing Toolbox. Here's an idea of what your version will look like: 


The interior cover page is a 2D, flat image that's fairly easy to create with free online software. The 3D ecover image requires special software, like Photoshop or other more powerful software that's available online.

No worries though. The instructional PDF I include with your order provides a variety of solutions from free to paid to create your custom graphics. I'm also available to do those for a reasonable fee.

Yes, you can call it whatever you like. I tried about 10 other names myself, but they all sounded like stuff that was already out there. You may want to consider keeping the tag line of "The 3 Best of Everything for Your Online Business" as that helps convey the unique nature of this directory and helps separate it from other resource directories.

Don't spend too much time trying to get approved for affiliate programs in the Toolbox. Success loves speed, so get the Toolbox out there as quickly as you can to build your list and earn passive income. Just start with the links you have and apply for others when you have the time. You can always edit the Toolbox and upload a new version any time you like.

What you really want to focus on initially is on building your list. Then you can promote as much as you like, as often as you like.

By the way, any default links on the Platinum Edition PDF will be the direct links to the company website, not my affiliate links. I suggest that at a minimum, you have at least 4 affiliate links you can promote and use those in the "Sponsored By" section. It's the section that gets the most attention as it's the second page of the Toolbox and is designed to be more eye-catching to help promote sales for you.

One other option for you: If you are already an affiliate for any of the customizable links in the directory, you can simply change the affiliate link and leave the title and description as they are. That's up to you.

NOTE: As a bonus, I'm including a PDF guide on how to get fast approval for affiliate programs. That will be included in your download after you purchase the Platinum Edition of the Toolbox.

The Toolbox will be updated periodically with new resources as needed. The Toolbox is designed to include as many evergreen resources as possible, but new tools do come along that warrants their inclusion into the Toolbox.

When a new version is issued, I'll contact all owners of the Toolbox, both Silver and Platinum, to let you know about the new version.

For the Platinum Version owners, I'll send a separate PDF that just lists the changed areas so you'll know which sections and which links need to be changed.

I strongly suggest that you do use software to hide your affiliate links. But it's also a good idea to do that so that you can track the clicks from your links.

The problem is, not all link tracking/cloaking software tracks clicks on links from PDFs. I'm including a PDF guide that provides more instructions on how to use tracking software to keep track of clicks on your links in your custom copy of the Toolbox.

Yes, I do! We're all at different stages of skills and knowledge regarding online marketing and tech stuff in general. So I provide some basic instructions on where to put your PDF so that others can download it.

Due to the nature of this customized digital download, all sales are final, with no returns or exchanges. However, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your order.