Discover FOUR Ways to Generate Passive Income by Giving Away "The Internet Marketing Toolbox"
to others!

This is one of those rare lead magnets that has mass appeal… EVERY website owner needs tools and resources, but finding the right ones for their business can be overwhelming! You can help them solve their problem and earn income while doing it!

By now, you’ve downloaded The Internet Marketing Toolbox and you’ve seen for yourself the powerful directory of Internet marketing resources I’ve put together for you and thousands of other online business owners.

And you’ve seen for yourself how incredibly useful the Toolbox is, how it saves time and money, and how it helps you to make better decisions about tools and resources you need for your online business.

Now, just imagine how excited others will be when you make the Toolbox available to them for free. You’ll be saving them time and money by helping them to make better decisions about tools for their own business.

You’ll be building goodwill, establishing a relationship, and earning the trust of people who download your free directory.

They get a powerful resource that’s actually useful and you get a happy customer that will be more open to receiving information and offers from you in the future.

FOUR WAYS for You to Earn Money
Giving the Toolbox Away to Others

How is it possible to give something away and still make money?

By taking advantage of the goodwill and trust you’re earning by giving people a valuable resource before you ask them to buy anything from you.

Here’s how that works:

First, on the very first page of your personalized, customized Toolbox, your name and website URL or email address will be featured right along with The Internet Marketing Toolbox. That’s the Co-Branding that reminds your prospect of where they got the directory from and provides a link to stay in touch with you, either by visiting your website or a direct email to you.

In addition, there’s four opportunities for you to earn passive income:

1 50% Affiliate Commissions - You’ll earn 50% affiliate commissions when others buy the Platinum Version for their business. Your customized version of the Toolbox includes an invitation to buy the Platinum Version with your affiliate link already embedded.

As an owner of the Platinum Version, your affiliate links stay in front of your customer as they use the Toolbox to find tools and resources they need, offering you more opportunities to earn affiliate commissions.

2 Affiliate Commissions for “Sponsored in Part By” Ads - Your prospect has just downloaded a massive 160+ page of curated Internet marketing tools and resources, so you know they’re interested in tools and resources for their online business. At the beginning of the Toolbox, they’ll see ads for four products or services that are “sponsoring” your Toolbox. Those ads are professional-looking graphic designs that will have YOUR affiliate links already embedded so if your prospect clicks and buys, you earn a commission from the sale.

You can choose up to four companies to “sponsor” your Toolbox. That  means you have chosen 4 products to highlight at the beginning of your Toolbox. You are placing their professional-looking ad in your Toolbox and you get paid if someone buys the product from your affiliate link. (Don't worry... I take care of the "professional-looking" part for you.)

3 Affiliate Commissions for the “Tools I Use and Recommend” Section of the Toolbox - At the end of the Toolbox, there’s a section where you can recommend resources and include your affiliate link for products and services that you use.

You can have up to 10 products/services that you recommend. These are just short blurbs with a link to your recommended resources. Let the companies’ sales pages do the work for you. All you’re doing here is just saying “I really like these resources and you should try them too”. Not all of them have to be affiliate links. That’s up to you, but you can have up to 10 recommendations.

4 Build Your List FASTER - I saved the best for last! Half the battle of getting people to join your mailing list is finding a lead magnet with high perceived value that will get their attention and make them feel like they actually got something valuable in return for giving you their email address. That’s not easy to do as people have become jaded when it comes to “free” reports and checklists. And honestly, most free reports are just rehashed information that nobody wants anyway.

The Internet Marketing Toolbox over delivers with a massive listing of hundreds of links that your prospect will find useful and enjoy using over and over again.

Is this the Best Lead Magnet Ever?

How did you feel when you downloaded my Toolbox and saw the massive table of contents, the category-organized sections, the helpful descriptions of products and the sheer number of resources I had listed?

Isn’t that the kind of lead magnet that you keep on your desktop and really use? So will your subscribers!

AND… you’ll be able to keep their interest down the road when you send them an UPDATED version of the Toolbox periodically! (More on that in a minute.)

The Internet Marketing Toolbox is a win-win for you and your subscribers. You get an easy way to build your list while earning passive income, and your subscriber gets a valuable resource and a way to earn passive income for themselves as well!

Your Own Customized, Passive Income Version of the Toolbox

I wanted everyone to have the Toolbox free of charge to help others to cut through the confusing choices of so many tools that are available for your online business.

But I also wanted a way for people like you to help me get the Toolbox into as many hands as possible for free, while still finding a way for you to earn money doing so.

I had a variety of options available for that, including PLR and co-branding. PLR is a very popular option, but I've found that PLR versions work better with simpler products that don't involve a lot of customization or specific skills.

This Toolbox is a huge document built on the Microsoft Word platform, and involves more complex formatting and graphic layout that many people would find overwhelming. Unfortunately, that means they will likely never get the customization done to make the product their own and they never profit from their investment.

The best solution was for me to offer a Done-For-You Customized Version so that you can have your ready-to-go lead magnet in your hands as quickly as possible so that you can start earning money immediately.

Here's how it works:

  • Once you purchase the Platinum Version of The Internet Marketing Toolbox, you'll get an email with instructions on how to send me the info for your customized version. It's an easy-to-use form with fill-in-the blanks for your info.
  • I'll add your personal/business name and a link to your website/email/social media account on the first page of the Toolobox.
  • I'll create up to 4 custom "Sponsored in Part By" professional graphic ads with your affiliate links already embedded.
  • I'll add up to 10 "Tools I Use and Recommend" affiliate links and blurbs of your choice at the end of the Toolbox.
  • Once everything is completed, I'll convert your custom version to PDF format and send you the download link by email. It will be completely ready-to-go and you can start giving it away immediately
  • When I update the Toolbox to a new version, I'll transfer your custom ads and recommended links to the new version and send you an updated PDF that you can replace for your current download. That will also give you an opportunity to send the new version to your list and get your affiliate links in front of them again.

Done for You and Ready-To-Go

All you have to do is go to a special form I've set up for you, enter the information I request (your affiliate links and some quick blurbs), and I do the rest! Shortly after you send me your info, I'll be sending you a ready-to-go PDF that's DONE when you receive it. There's nothing else for you to do except upload  and promote it. You can start earning passive income immediately!

Ready to Start Earning Passive Income and GROW Your List With Your Own Customized and Co-Branded Version of
"The Internet Marketing Toolbox?"?

I've done all the hard work for you! I'm handing you a way to grow your list, earn passive income, and build goodwill with your customers.

Plus, you'll be getting an UPDATED version of the Toolbox each quarter that gives you another opportunity to reconnect with your mailing list and remind them of the various affiliate opportunites inside your customized version of the directory.

All of this for a ONE-TIME investment of just $97!

Click the order button below and you could have your own customized version of "The Internet Marketing Toolbox" ready-to-go in as little as 24 hours! (I'll create your customized version quickly after you send me your information via my special form I've set up for you.)

Are you ready to start?

All the best,

PS: Why waste your time trying to create an attention-getting lead magnet when I've already done that for you? You're getting one that has mass-appeal, has high perceived value, and over delivers on quality. PLUS, you're getting FOUR ways to generate passive income AND build goodwill with your audience. What could be better?


*NOTE: Due to the nature of this customized digital download, all sales are final, no returns or exchanges* - However, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your order.