24/7 Automated Sales & Customer Service Assistant Intelligent Chatbots [ChitChatChimp]


Chitchatchimp is an intelligent chatbot for your website. It is an online primarily based, clever chat bot builder developed to assist customers higher help their clients. It can create all types of bots, including: Customer support bots, Sales bots, Research-gathering bots, Educational bots, Entertaining bots


ChitchatChimp is a web based, intelligent chat bot builder developed to help users to create their own affordable chat bots in just minutes with ZERO CODING. It’s SUPER EASY To Build A Bot… With the Chit Chat Chimp bot builder you can create similar bots to the ones above in less than 5 minutes… With ZERO technical skills! You’ll JUST simply ‘fill in the blanks’ choose a suitable name and tag for your new bot, choose the colors, pick or upload an avatar and set your greeting message and common fall back responses (if the bot can’t answer a question) – It takes 5 minutes and your bot is ready to go!