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Step 1: Join as an Affiliate and Start Earning 50% Commissions!

As an owner of the Platinum Edition of The Internet Marketing Toolbox, your affiliate link will be automatically embedded into your customized version of the toolbox. It's free and easy to join my affiliate program, and I'll need your affiliate link to complete the customization of your Platinum Edition. (You'll be asked to set up a free affiliate account on my ThriveCart shopping cart system.)

Step 2: Download Your Platinum Edition Instructions

It's easy to customize your copy of The Internet Marketing Toolbox, but you'll need some guidance on the steps to getting your customized version ready to go. Just click the download button below for the PDF instruction guide. You'll also be getting an email with the download link and other information you'll need about my easy-to-use, Point 'n Click PLR system. Please keep that email in a safe place for future reference. 🙂